Will SausalitoPlus operate the Ambassador program next year, for the 2017 season?

Contact Deb Fotsch at deb@sausalitoplus.org

How do I volunteer for SausalitoPlus?

Contact Deb Fotsch at deb@sausalitoplus.org

Paid and volunteer Ambassadors are trained using SausalitoPlus training and testing materials. There are written standard operating procedures and codes of conduct.

How are Ambassadors trained and managed?

How does SausalitoPlus get funds to pay Ambassadors and managers?

SausalitoPlus was funded through a loan provided by Edward Fotsch, MD; Deb Fotsch’s husband.

Who funded sausalitoplus?

Deb Fotsch is the Executive Director of SausalitoPlus. There are also two Ambassador Managers.

Who Operates sausalitoplus?

Who Owns SausalitoPlus?

SausalitoPlus is a California non-profit.  By law no one person or group of people can own a non-profit organization. Ownership is the major difference between a for-profit business and a non-profit organization. For-profit businesses can be privately owned and can distribute earnings to employees or shareholders. But non-profit organizations do not have private owners and they do not issue stock or pay dividends.  SausalitoPlus is led by its Board of Directors.  For more information regarding non-profits please see http://cullinanelaw.com/nonprofit-law-basics-who-owns-a-nonprofit/

How can I donate to SausalitoPlus?

There are currently no plans for the 2017 Ambassador program.

How do I apply for a seasonal job with SausalitoPlus?

Why do we need to pay Ambassadors?

SausalitoPlus' plan is to generate funds to pay Ambassadors by managing the Valet parking system on Tracy Way for the city of Sausalito.

The challenge of bike visitor volumes during warm weather months is large, complex and a seven day/week challenge. Thousands of bikes arrive daily with visitors who do not know our laws, streets, parking facilities, etc.  While volunteer Ambassadors are an important part of the program, paid seasonal workers, as are used at the

Art Festival, Jazz by the Bay, etc., are essential to provide a high level of service for the community.

Contact Deb Fotsch at deb.fotsch@sausalitoplus.org